"The Everything Guide to Bottled Water"

If you drink bottled water like I do you might find this interesting.

I can quibble with this: "The logic’s controversial: Pure water measures a 7, after all, and the body might well maintain a proper pH balance regardless of what you consume." The pH of the blood is very tightly regulated, but--at least if my kidney stone doctor is correct--what you consume can and usually will affect the pH of your urine, which can be important in dealing with stones.

"Deadly ‘End-of-Life’ Myths"


New medical findings show how misguided this thinking is. Medicare spending on end-of-life care is dropping rapidly, down from 19% to 13% of the Medicare budget since 2000. Living to a ripe old age isn’t a problem. It’s a bargain. Someone who lives to 97 needs only about half as much end-of-life care as someone who dies at 68.

Surprised? Myth has it that the older people get, the sicker they are and the more costly their care. But in truth, disability and chronic illness are declining among the elderly.

Dementia, an especially costly condition for seniors, is down a staggering 24% over the last 12 years.