"eHealthMe: Personalized Health Information"

I used this to look up the possible side effects of a medication. While there a bunch of place on the Web that provide that information, this site has some information that I don't recall seeing elsewhere. In particular, it tells you the number of complains the FDA has received about a medication's side effects, the percentage of total complaints a specific complaint accounts for, and a few characteristics--age and gender, for examples--of the people who did the complaining.

"How to Find Clinical Trials for Experimental Cancer Treatments"

One thing that's encouraging is that cancer patients--patients of all types, actually--have more ability to help themselves than ever before.

Dr. Steven A. Rosenberg, who is chief of surgery at the National Cancer Institute and leads many clinical trials, said: “Fifteen years ago, more than 90 percent of our referrals came from doctors. Now, I would estimate that at least half of all our referrals come from patients themselves, who read about us on the internet and other places.”

"How to Do the Shortest Workout Possible"

It's an exhausting minute, but, hey, it seems worth a try.

Is one minute the shortest possible H.I.I.T. workout or will I be writing about a 30-second workout soon?

I think one minute may be the limit. We are still looking for the exact sweet spot in terms of how little intense effort people can do and still get significant health and fitness benefits. So far, it looks as if three repetitions of 20-second intervals is the lowest effective load. But we are still experimenting. Stay tuned.