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March 22, 2013

"What Is the Best Sacrifice in the History of Chess?"

Interesting. But I think Fischer's queen sacrifice is worth at least a mention.

March 16, 2013

"Chess: New York City's Trendiest Game"

Interesting 11.5 minute video

March 07, 2013

"These City Skylines Prove Just How Far Video Game Graphics Have Come"

Sure do.

(I remember playing an early version of Flight Simulator in which the New York City skyline was represented by a single cartoon spike--supposedly the Empire State Building.)

January 31, 2013

"18 Reasons Why Wall Street Loves Bridge"

"[T}he best bridge players in the country are almost all investors."

December 23, 2012

"Atari Teenage Riot: The Inside Story Of Pong And The Video Game Industry's Big Bang"

When I mention Pong to my undergraduates, they have no idea. When I mention it to my MBAs, they laugh

November 08, 2012

"World's fastest number game wows spectators and scientists"

Alex Bellos in the UK Guardian:

When I returned to London, I met up with Brian Butterworth, professor of cognitive neuropsychology at University College London and the author ofThe Mathematical Brain, and showed him some video clips of Flash Anzan.

He was flabbergasted. "I don't see how you can represent whatever that number was on a mental abacus faster than you can say it," he said, adding: "A lot of money should be spent doing research on how the brain can manage to do this, because I think this is a really extraordinary thing!"

September 28, 2012

"9 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From Jeopardy"

Would be of interest to would-be contestants.

(When I was in graduate school, I took the Jeopardy qualification test. It was hard. Far more difficult than the SATs and the AP exams.)

July 28, 2012

"How 21-Year-Old Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen Became Such A Badass"

Imagine how good he'll be when he stops being "lazy".

March 01, 2012

At last, really important information

"How to Win at Rock, Paper, Scissors".


February 19, 2012

Bobby Fischer's "Game of the Century".

The one with the queen sacrifice and the astonishing sequence after. On YouTube with commentary.

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