Election-a-Palooza, Part 3: Conservative humor

Either conservatives are funnier than they used to be or technology makes their humor easier to access than it used to be.

Sharp reply to "NOTMYPRESIDENT".

"Bill Clinton tried to cheer up Hillary this morning."

"Alabama mayor creates GoFundMe to send anti-Trump celebrities to Mexico".  (Related tweet: "How come all the Liberals talk about moving to Canada and not Mexico? Racists!")

And finally, a terrific coinage: "Trumphausen by Proxy". (At the bottom of the post.)

Three related to the NE Patriots

"Why You Really Hate Tom Brady". (You have to read until nearly the end to get to the real reason, a reason I fully agree with.)

"No More Questions".

Call Bill Belichick what you want, but these accounts of his uncompromising life -- from prodigy to professional ballbuster -- reveal why history might one day call him the greatest.