"Trump the Witch"

Made me laugh.

Liberals these days, especially showbiz types, are subtly altering the way they frame Trump. They can’t plausibly identify anything he’s actually done as an outrage to the Republic. So they’re internalizing the supposed Trump threat, claiming injury to their psyches, their souls, their selves. Insidiously, the harm Trump does comes disguised as harm they are doing to themselves. He won’t play along with their fantasy that he’s Hitler, so they’re devising an alternate fantasy where he’s more of a . . . witch.

"The Nine Billion Names of God"

Recently I've been reexploring one of the enthusiasms of my youth, science fiction. I've read a bunch of recent short stories and I have been entertained by the clever, interesting, and plain fun ways the authors have painted their protagonists into corners. But as I've noted here before, for me the success of a short story hinges upon how the author gets the protagonist out of the corner. And on that, so far, I've been disappointed. 

So that caused me to revisit one of the stories I read years ago, Arthur C. Clarke's "The Nine Billion Names of God". I think it's a example of how to do it well. If you haven't read it already, try it and see.