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Not that I think I have many readers in Ottawa, Canada or that my readers care particularly about it, but Fark pointed to this headline, "Use big red O across the entire Transpo network, consultant suggests" and commented:

"The City of Ottawa to use a big red O for all their transit stops. However, men may never know if it is fake or real."

"Is SAP Germany's revenge for losing WWII?"

Quora folks have some fun. Sample:

This question shows a complete misunderstanding of what really happened.

WWII was just a decoy.

A cover-up while preparations for SAP were underway.

How do we know?

German inventor Konrad Zuse developed the first programmable computer “Z1” in 1936–1938. See Wikipedia: Z1 (computer).

Only one year later, WWII started in 1939. Wikipedia: World War II

Could that exact timing be just a coincidence?

Final proof: SAP was founded in 1972. Source: SAP (SAP Company History)

1938 to 1972 gives 34 years, just about the time needed to roll out an SAP system.