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November 19, 2014

"7 Things We Wish Dad Would Stop Doing"

Even though I'm a dad and I'm prone to doing some of these things, I still found it funny.

November 14, 2014

"PENCILWISE - Equation Analysis Test"


This test does not measure your intelligence, your fluency with words, and certainly not your mathematical ability. It will, however, give you some gauge of your mental flexibility and creativity. Few people can solve more than half of the questions on the first try. Many people who took this test previously reported getting answers long after the test was over - particularly at unexpected moments when their minds were relaxed; and some reported solving all the questions over a period of several days.

November 01, 2014

"25 Reasons Why Babies Are Basically Just Tiny Drunk People"

"7. They’ll fall asleep anytime, anywhere".

October 25, 2014

"Adorable Children Fiercely Debate Whether It Is Raining or Sprinkling Outside"

Future politicians or university professors, only cuter.

October 24, 2014

"U.N.C. Boosters Outraged That Some Athletes Took Real Classes"

Andy Borowitz, not trying to satirize conservatives for once:

An organization of University of North Carolina athletic boosters expressed shock and outrage today over a report that a few members of U.N.C. sports teams may have taken real classes, despite the widespread availability of fake ones.

"The Best NBA Doppelgängers"

"You’ll never be able to unsee these."

October 09, 2014

"All The Comments on Every Recipe Blog"

I haven't read many recipes online, but I've read a few and this is pitch-perfect and very funny.

October 05, 2014

"26 Funny Truths About Life"

As the French might say, beaucomp truth here.

Includes "standing in line at the supermarket," "stuff your parents say | what it means," and "the orgasm hunt".

October 03, 2014

This is Fark at its best

"Japanese bullet train turns 50. America celebrates by spending another $30 billion in feasibility studies to gain initial insight into possibly spending more money to determine if worth spending even more money to do more feasibility studies."

Every adult should Fark a little.

"26 Things That Prove Pizza Is Essential To Feminism"

Score one for feminism.

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