Food and Drink

"The Passion of Daniel Humm, the Greatest Chef in America"

Contains this nugget:

As we finish our meal at I Sodi, Humm tells me that he's got a passion for food, a passion for cooking, and I barely pay attention to this, at first, because it seems like a generic thing to say. Then he puts down a glass of wine and explains that when he uses the word passion, he's referring to a German word: leidenschaft. Break down the word and it means something more along the lines of "enjoy suffering."

"That would be my translation," he says. "Passion is not something pleasant. Are you willing to suffer for this? That's when you have passion. Otherwise, it's a hobby. Passion is not a hobby."

A lot more on the etymology of "leidenschaft" here.

"Pie Pushers Serves Up a Decadent Southern Take on Poutine"

For those in the Raleigh-Durham area wanting to put a little South in your mouth.

"In the Midwest, you won't find it any other way," he says. "But I feel like in this area, not everyone knows what poutine is, so I can kind of get away with what I want. Honestly, if we're going traditional, there shouldn't be sausage gravy, either. It should be chicken stock gravy. Everything's going to be a little twist."