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November 08, 2014

"Finally, a Trailer For Furious 7"

Michelle Rodriguez calls the trailer a "cargasm".

You better believe it.

November 07, 2014

"Why Robert Duvall Is an Even Better Actor Than You Think"

Not true for me since I think he's absolutely superb, one of our three or four best. But this is right: "We need to cherish him now before we lose him."

October 18, 2014

"‘Dogs And Cats Living Together': The Best Of Bill Murray’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Ad-Libs"

Mr. Murray can be pretty good.

September 19, 2014

"What the Hell Happened?"

If there's an actor or actress who you have wondered what happened to, this might be the site for you

September 17, 2014

"'Remember The Titans' Is A Lie, And This Man Still Wants You To Know It"

It doesn't surprise me that Hollywood would take liberties with a true story. It is discouraging, though, that so many people would confuse the fiction and the reality.

And note the difference between our current president's confusion regarding the movie and the similar situation, say, of Ronald Reagan's thinking "Born in the U.S.A." was patriotic. (Though little remarked upon in the latter case is the enormous difference between the lyrics and the music. Springsteen wedded very downbeat, depressing lyrics to some of the most enhilarating music in rock. It's an awful cheat, but entertaining.)

August 22, 2014

"The Paper Chase — The Law School Movie Without Reese Witherspoon — Turns 40"

Even leaving aside that I saw it on my first date with my wife of 36 years, Paper Chase (the original version) is a very terrific movie

As the film turns 40 this year (it was released in October 1973), Bloomberg Law compiled a list of the 9 Things You Don’t Know About The Paper Chase.

Sounds to me like Bloomberg is issuing a trivia challenge. Did you already know these fun facts about the dullest law movie ever?

August 16, 2014

"‘Galaxy Quest’: The Oral History"

I think Galaxy Quest is extremely entertaining. Granted, it might not be as much fun if you didn't watch a lot of Star Trek, but still . . . 

If nothing else, Sigourney Weaver in a blonde wig is cool. (And she was quoted to the effect that when she put the wig on, she could feel her IQ drop precipitously.)

August 02, 2014

"23 Famous Movies Full of Symbolism You Didn't Notice"

They're right: I didn't notice. (Though I had read about The Wizard of Oz's and The Departed's symbolism.)

July 26, 2014

"The 25 Best Romantic Comedies Since When Harry Met Sally"

Of the ones listed that I've seen, I like 10 Things I Hate About You, Groundhog Day, and especially Clueless.

July 25, 2014

"9 Actors Who Do the Exact Same Thing on Every Movie Poster"

Revealing: "#5. Jennifer Aniston Is Always With a Guy and Never Really Happy About It".

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