"Are Professors Going Too Fast?"

George Leef has great fun reviewing a new book claiming "college professors [are] harried and overburdened to the point where they’re putting their very health at risk".

Oddly, Berg and Seeber present data showing that actual corporate chief executive officers feel less stress and more ability to get their work done than do college professors working in their non-profit environment from which people are rarely fired. According to an MIT study they cite, 62 percent of college faculty reported that they feel “physically or emotionally drained at the end of the day,” while only 55 percent of the CEOs said that they felt that way.

Something to keep an eye on

"Bookworm" from the Bookworm Room:

With a child heading off to college, I’ve decided to start a new feature at my blog. As the spirit moves me, I’m going to quote, verbatim, from college catalogs. I’m not going to go the cheap and easy route of quoting from the Women’s Studies or Queer Studies departments. Instead, I’m interested in what passes for education in the traditional liberal arts: History and English.

"Univ. of Chicago pushes back on trigger warnings, safe spaces"

Bravo. If Chicago is "where fun goes to die" but political correctness does, too, it's a good trade.

Unsurprisingly, some are upset: "It’s not just about 'special snowflakes': What’s missing in U. of Chicago’s 'no trigger warnings, no safe spaces' letter" (rather reasonable for Salon) and "The University of Chicago is attacking academic freedom" (typical dopiness from New Republic).