"How to fix the apathy problem in schools"

This seems correct:

But there is another problem, one that is plaguing many of America’s classrooms and jeopardizing the future of our children, yet it is rarely addressed – at least not as it should be. That problem is apathy. In classrooms all over the country, the teacher cares more about her students’ grades, learning and futures than they do.

"There Are Conservative Professors. Just Not in These States."

"Faculty members in New England are far more liberal than their counterparts anywhere else in the nation, even controlling for discipline and school type. In 1989, the number of liberals compared with conservatives on college campuses was about 2 to 1 nationwide; that figure was almost 5 to 1 for New England schools. By 2014, the national figure was 6 to 1; for those teaching in New England, the figure was 28 to 1."

"Truth misstated on teacher pay"

Yes, fellow North Carolinians, nominal dollar amounts should be adjusted for the cost of living. And yes, we should remember this, too:

Most peer-reviewed studies on the subject find no positive, statistically significant correlation between average teacher salaries and student performance. That may be because the structure of the compensation system matters more than the typical variation in average pay among states or districts. Do consistently high-performing teachers earn more than their mediocre or low-performing peers? What about those who teach more challenging subjects or a disproportionate number of poor students or children with special needs?

"Charters without Lotteries: Testing Takeovers in New Orleans and Boston"

The evidence of good effects from charters continues to accumulate. From the June, 2016 American Economic Review:

Charter takeovers are traditional public schools restarted as charter schools. We develop a grandfathering instrument for takeover attendance that compares students at schools designated for takeover with a matched sample of students attending similar schools not yet taken over. Grandfathering estimates from New Orleans show substantial gains from takeover enrollment. In Boston, grandfathered students see achievement gains at least as large as the gains for
students assigned charter seats in lotteries. A non-charter Boston turnaround intervention that had much in common with the takeover strategy generated gains as large as those seen for takeovers, while other more modest turnaround interventions yielded smaller effects.

"School ‘donor’ a serial scammer who once posed as a Yankee"

You can't make stuff like this up. Random guy shows up at a New York City high school and hands it a check for $1.5 million. High school starts to spend the money before check clears. Check bounces. Guy has spent almost 20 years of doing wildly fake stuff

The Brooklyn high school that discovered it had been scammed by a bogus $1.5 million check suddenly canceled a student trip to the White House, infuriated parents said Thursday.