"North Carolina Releases NCAA's Third, Yes Third, Notice of Allegations In Academic Fraud Case"

Good summary of the recent development. Key paragraph:

This debacle has been going on for over half a decade and still no end is in sight. What is mystifying is the NCAA sending out three notices, adding, deleting and then reinserting allegations when candidly this case is not as complicated as many are making it out to be. It is academic fraud, it is extra benefits provided to athletes, and all of it was done in an attempt to keep (primarily) football and men's basketball athletes eligible to gain a competitive advantage. It is major NCAA violations. This is not a shocking scenario. Schools have been doing this for years and will continue to do it unless faculty take charge of its role as guardians of the curriculum, but I digress.

"Tennis Great Andre Agassi Serves Up School Buildings to 69 Charters — and Counting"

Andre is one former athlete who's making a big difference.

Why go this route, business instead of philanthropy?

I think it’s a function of scalability and it’s a function of sustainability. I think if you want to treat a problem in society, the government or philanthropy does just fine, and I think it’s a very important part, and I still have a huge working foundation that does that. But if you want real scalable change, you’ve got to figure out how to bring a lot of people to the table to create a win that makes it scalable and sustainable.

This is our 69th school. It took me 15 years to build one philanthropically, and it’s taken me four years to build 69, [with] 36,000 school seats. I like the economy of scale.

Link courtesy of my older daughter.

"Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi explains what she thinks is wrong with MBA programs today"

"Today's MBA programs are "outdated" and in desperate need of an upgrade."

I'd say she has some standing to criticize. She became CEO of PepsiCo on 10/1/06 and from then through 11/6/16 (when I'm writing this), Pepsi stock. with a beta currently of 0.69, is up 64.48% while the S&P500 is up 56.63%. (From Yahoo! Finance, but the time period doesn't seem to bookmark, so you'll have to set it yourself.) And over this time Pepsi has paid, I believe, a dividend higher than the S&P's.