"Urban schools will fail if disruptive students remain"

"My brother, a certified teacher in South Carolina, has taught at least 5,000 students. He found that at the low-performing schools, there are usually three ringleaders and up to five students behaving terribly who settle down if the ringleaders are taken to task; there are zero to one misbehaving students in the middle-of-the road schools, and in the high-performing schools, none."

"Leading a Team to the Top of Mount Everest"

Interview with the author of a Harvard B-School case. (And there's a link to a short video about the case.)

What does it take to successfully lead a team to the top of the highest peak in the world? First-year MBA students find out as they participate together in "Everest: A Leadership and Team Simulation." Professor Amy Edmondson talks about the choice to use Mount Everest as the backdrop for this business management exercise, designing the simulation, and what students learn about teamwork along their way up the mountain.

"The audit of UC's management shows that the real threat to higher education is inside the house"

Funny or sad: you decide.

An even bigger shock is Howle’s assertion that UCOP manipulated the results of surveys she had sent to the individual campuses about the utility of UCOP programs and policies, editing or ordering rewrites of campus responses typically to make UCOP look better.

As Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit has been asking for quite some time now, why are Liberal-run governments and institutions such cesspools of corruption and incompetence?