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January 11, 2015

"This Might Be the Most Accurate Thing Ever Written"

Excellent, but should be a longer list.

January 01, 2015

"2014 Top 100 Tools for Learning"

"A learning tool is defined as any software or online tool or service that you use either for your own personal or professional learning, for teaching or training, or for creating e-learning."

December 31, 2014

"If science could cross breed a jellyfish with a parrot, it could create academic administrators."

Thomas Sowell, of course.

December 30, 2014

"The Financial Engineer’s 2015 Master of Economics Rankings"

My former employer, NC State, ranks 19th (out of 157).

Related: "Top colleges for a major in economics". Duke ranks 1st.

December 22, 2014

"For Accomplished Students, Reaching a Good College Isn’t as Hard as It Seems"

Every high school student applying to one or more "selective" colleges should read this. (See also the qualification offered in "Do 80 Percent of Top Students Really Get Into an Elite College?")

"For Accomplished Students, Reaching a Top College Isn’t Actually That Hard"

It would be a better world if all high-achieving high school students knew this:

That’s why some students are applying to 20 or more schools: to increase their odds of making a single match. The most important elite college admissions statistic, then, is not the percentage of applications top schools accept. It’s the percentage of top students who are admitted to at least one top school. And that number isn’t 5 percent or 20 percent or even 50 percent. It’s 80 percent. It turns out that four out of five well-qualified students who apply to elite schools are accepted by at least one.

December 21, 2014

"Demand side: 75% our interviews are a complete waste of time"

The academic economics version of the old wisecrack, "To find a prince, you have to kiss a lot of frogs."

December 17, 2014

"Giant blow to Millennial college student entitlement dealt by . . . Oberlin professor?"

Well, a visiting professor, but these days we should be grateful for what we can get.

"The 10 Most Inspirational Teachers in Film"

If only the real world were like the movies


"Why I Left A Top University And Might Never Go Back"

Good reasons why college is not right for at least some people. But I don't think I believe this:

What’s even more striking is a conversation I recently had with a marketing team lead at Apple who also routinely takes part in their hiring process. She explained to me how in recent years, Apple has had more success with interns who are either college dropouts or in their first two years of higher education. She explained a trend the company had become very familiar with recently: when a college grad is hired, he or she tends to come in with a “textbook based mindset,” and is incapable of learning the unique ways in which things work in their marketing department. A company with a market cap of $619 billion as of today is preferring to hire non-college grads for their marketing department.

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