"Next Up for Connecticut Is Calling the Democrats To Account for Disaster"

I'd guess there'll be a loooong wait.

The next move after General Electric’s decision to quit Connecticut for Boston is to hold Governor Malloy and the Democrats accountable. That will require maintaining a clear distinction between GE’s reasons for leaving Connecticut and its reasons for heading to Boston. The reasons are different.

UPDATE: Link fixed now. Thanks, PJ.

"Oregon Wrestles with Public Pension Costs"

The American Interest:

. . . the process of divvying up resources to fund the pensions will not be pretty, pitting key Democratic constituencies—public employees (producers of services) and citizens who consume public services—against one another in a blue civil war. The reckoning can only be put off for so long.

But don't worry. As with other government programs that don't work well, a solution is readily available . . . make them bigger! See "Despite Poor Record, States Eye Private Pensions".