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"Video: Hillary Clinton is finally confronted with her classified data non-disclosure agreement"

Jazz Shaw:

I almost feel sorry for Stephanopoulos at this point. It’s like trying to have an argument with Rainman about buying underwear. First you tell her that she signed an agreement saying that the information is classified whether it’s marked or not. She agrees with you, saying that’s exactly how she handled things. Then, literally two sentences later, she says, “there has to be some markings, some indication...” I’ve had arguments with my niece over whether or not she already ate one of the Christmas cookies where she made a more logical defense.

"Strategists: full of bull"

A look at the question, "where is the value in these [Wall Street] strategists' forecasts?"

We laboriously put together 186 public forecasts, culled from 19 years of media coverage of their “annual market call” story.  And the data, the lengthiest ever for this purpose, is now available for your own public consumption here

Short answer: the forecasts are pretty lousy.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz

I'm not enthusiastic about any of the current Republican candidates. But as the first voting that actually counts is now just a few hours off, I'm feeling (slightly) better about the prospects of either a Ted Cruz or a Marco Rubio presidency because of these two pieces:

"For President, Marco Rubio".

"The Real Ted Cruz".

As for the Donald, John Hawkins does a nice job summarizing the case against: "Why This Former Trump Fan Doesn’t Support Him Anymore".