Current Affairs

"Jimmy Kimmel: The Left in a Nutshell"

Pretty powerful pair of paragraphs:

I don't bring this up because Kimmel's important. I bring it up because Kimmel's behavior represents the left perfectly. To push a big government agenda — an agenda that weakens the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution — a document meant to limit government's size and power — they always begin with emotion. Oh, the poor uninsured! Oh, the poor women! Oh our poor Mother Earth, how she is dying!

And hey, I feel for people who are left out or left back or treated unfairly. I think most of us do. And I want the environment to be clean. But I can't help noticing that all this emotion masks some inconvenient truths. Like, say, the lives of black Americans were actually improving faster before the leftist programs of the Great Society went into effect. I notice women report being less happy now that feminism is in full swing. And I notice the climate isn't changing anywhere near as fast as the hysterics tell me it is. So, in the name of freedom, I resist the government programs that have made life worse. I resist having power-mad incompetents run my health care or dictate my personal life or my hiring policies. I resist having them lay their heavy hands on our energy production.

"Israel Has a Playbook for Dealing With North Korea"

Trust 'em.

Begin had no military expertise. But his family had been wiped out in the Holocaust. He looked at Saddam, who was openly threating Israel, and saw Hitler. To Begin, sitting around hoping for the best was not a strategy; it was an invitation to aggression. If there was going to be a cost -- political, diplomatic, military -- better to pay before, not after, the Iraqis had the bomb.