"Urgent care clinics have taken off in the past decade — and it shows that health care businesses acting like Amazon will gain an edge"

"Why is it that when I walk into a restaurant or store where I'm spending $15, I'm often treated better than when I go to a doctor's office where I'll easily spend $150?"

Good question. An Amazon-type approach--whether by Amazon or not--could well improve matters.

"A Dozen Business Lessons from Waffle House"

I don't know about all 12 but it seems hard to argue with this one:

  1. “We’re just a shoebox. These people who’ve come in the past few years and built these Taj Mahals and stuff—they’re not around anymore. If you could line up the restaurants we’ve seen come and go, that’s a long list.” “We serve the basic foods, and the basic foods never change.” Joe Rogers Sr. “Good food that is fast and affordable.”   Tom Forkner.