"A Dozen Business Lessons from Waffle House"

I don't know about all 12 but it seems hard to argue with this one:

  1. “We’re just a shoebox. These people who’ve come in the past few years and built these Taj Mahals and stuff—they’re not around anymore. If you could line up the restaurants we’ve seen come and go, that’s a long list.” “We serve the basic foods, and the basic foods never change.” Joe Rogers Sr. “Good food that is fast and affordable.”   Tom Forkner.

"Plan and Act in case AI or something else kills your job"

I used to spend a couple of minutes each semester telling my students that no matter what job they were in, or planned to get, they needed to think of themselves, at least occasionally, as entrepreneurs. What assets and liabilities do I have? Where are the opportunities for me, and what are the threats to my livelihood? Unlike their grandparents, very few people today can count on working for IBM or the assembly line for 30 years or more. 

And I said if that frightened them or was otherwise unacceptable, they could do what I did and work for the government. (But I quickly noted that they might not be able to count on that much longer, either.)

I have no idea if it will help, but I tried. This article makes a similar point.