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I believe that if you have a lot of something other people want--money, physical attractiveness, plentiful friends, athletic ability, musical talent--you are obligated--I'd say morally obligated--to use that something with due attention to other people's feelings. You shouldn't try to disguise it or hide it: life is short, so take advantage of your something. Even revel in it. But use it with restraint and humility and, I repeat, due attention to other people.

But we come now this piece by an associate professor of sociology at the New School, published in the New York Times. The piece informs us that some rich people try to avoid flaunting their wealth. (Shocking behavior, isn't it? Especially after many years of the Left's demonizing the rich for their wealth.) The first example cited is a high-income mother of two who "She took the price tags off her clothes so that her nanny would not see them."  And then here is the thesis paragraph:

The ways these wealthy New Yorkers identify and avoid stigma matter not because we should feel sorry for uncomfortable rich people, but because they tell us something about how economic inequality is hidden, justified and maintained in American life.

And I say, what pray tell, should the rich do? Other than give all their money away and go live in caves? 

Some people are really difficult to please.