"I moved from a blue state to a red state and it changed my life"
"Here's how Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters describes Ludicrous Mode in his Tesla"

"Dear Amazon, We Picked Your New Headquarters for You"

Three New York Times reporters analyze what the winning city should be.

BTW isn't Amazon sorta genius at getting tons of free publicity? By cutting a couple dozen prices in Whole Foods, they fostered a zillion articles. (Not to mention that no article I saw did the legwork to find out whether the cuts were made throughout the whole chain. The stories I saw mentioned just New York City.) Now it is generating zillions of stories about where the new HQ will be. Three examples:

"There's a new twist in the $5 billion bidding war for Amazon's new HQ".

"Texas Seems Primed to Land Amazon’s Second Headquarters".

"'Holy Toledo!' Officials, execs talk N.C.'s chances of landing Amazon HQ2".