"The one variable you can’t ignore in past vs. present debates"
"The Great American Rip-Off"

"Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, Eli Manning and the Challenges of Being an Old Quarterback"

Article advances, and supports with some statistics, and interesting thesis: older quarterbacks' performance tails off sharply at the end of the season

But to make a really good case, the article needs at least to present at least three more types of evidence:

  1. We need a control sample. What happens to the performance of young quarterbacks at the end of seasons?
  2. Football is a team game and injuries are common. Maybe the problem with the performance of older QBs was actually a problem with their offensive lines. Or their running backs or their wide receivers.
  3. End-of-season here includes the playoffs. Playoff teams should be more motivated and more talented than the average team during the regular season. Does that contribute a bit to the poorer performance of older QBs?