"Most Unbreakable Records in Sports".
"California may be the most desirable place to live in the US, but employers can't recruit 'high-performers' thanks to insane housing prices"

"The 28 best car chases in movie history"

An interesting piece but one that gives only weak support to a pet hypothesis of mine. It seems to me that in many recent movies--let's pick 2000 as an arbitrary dividing line--chase scenes tend to take place at night or in otherwise poor lighting. I think this greatly undermines the drama, if any, if you can't really see what's supposedly at risk. (But I imagine it's cheaper to film.)

Of the 28 scenes listed, 17 are from movies made before 2000. 16 of those 17 chase scenes are in daylight. Of the 11 2000 or later movies, 7 are in daylight, 3 are at night, and 1 is in a tunnel, albeit fairly well-lit. 

Oh, well. "More research is needed."