"A lack of knowledge of basic history explains a lot."
"How to Game the College Rankings"

"Backstory: Global warbling"

Ms. Gorin may list herself as a "standup comic based in Las Vegas" but she could have a great run as a political pundit. Or a forecaster: notice the column's date and her use of "caliphate".

Freud called it displacement. People fixate on the environment when they can't deal with real threats. Combating the climate gives nonhawks a chance to look tough. They can flex their muscle for Mother Nature, take a preemptive strike at an SUV. Forget the Patriot Act, it's Kyoto that'll save you.

That's why in 2004 we got "The Day After Tomorrow" – so we could worry about junk science that may or may not kill us in 1,000 years instead of the people who really are trying to kill us the day after tomorrow.

Link via Ed Driscoll.