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August 18, 2014

"Yes I Support Israel or Why I Buy Israeli Carrots"


Support for Israel strikes me as such an overtly obvious position, stating it publicly feels, to me, like saying "Yes I believe that there is such a thing as gravity."
Yesterday I went shopping at my local grocery store. I had a choice between five pounds of carrots from California or five pounds of carrots from Israel. Both were offered at the same price. Though I usually strive to buy produce locally, and to buy American, I chose the Israeli carrots, as I have been doing since I first noticed them in the market.
I mentioned this on Facebook. A Facebook friend responded, "How utterly obnoxious." Her words shocked and hurt me, and made me realize that in spite of all my reservations, I would blog my support for Israel, as anonymous, ineffectual, and insignificant as it is.
Below will be my random, idiosyncratic, and incomplete thoughts about why I support Israel, and why I assess boycotts of Israel as anti-Semitic.
A related interview with Professor Goska. (Another fine piece by her, "Political Paralysis," is here. Count me as a fan.)


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Jack PQ

Boycotting Israel for human rights reasons would be a reasonable position if one were to also boycott (deep breath): all Arab countries and Iran, Russia and just about all of the former USSR (except the Baltics probably), China, India, most of Southeast Asia, most of Africa, much of Central and South America, and several European countries.

That would be a consistent position (though subject to some debate around the margins). But do we see this? No. The only boycott talk, ever, is about Israel. The only logical interpretation is anti-Semitism. Shameful.

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