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August 22, 2014

"The Paper Chase — The Law School Movie Without Reese Witherspoon — Turns 40"

Even leaving aside that I saw it on my first date with my wife of 36 years, Paper Chase (the original version) is a very terrific movie

As the film turns 40 this year (it was released in October 1973), Bloomberg Law compiled a list of the 9 Things You Don’t Know About The Paper Chase.

Sounds to me like Bloomberg is issuing a trivia challenge. Did you already know these fun facts about the dullest law movie ever?


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I'm glad that someone besides me thinks The Paper Chase is deadly dull. That movie is as dull as law practice, which takes some doing.

I don't know whether The Paper Chase helped or hurt the movement to dispense with the odious Socratic Method. But I suspect that my Contracts professor tried to emulate the John Houseman professor. He was sort of like a cross between Houseman and Elmer Fudd.

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