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August 12, 2014

"The Future of Iced Coffee"

So it seems like coffee--soon even iced coffee--is going the way of beer, some clothes, and other items. For a while, big companies, mass production, and low prices dominate. Then, almost as soon as critics decry the loss of quality and craftsmanship as one of the horrors--horrors!--of the free market, the market produces . . . quality.


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And once again, the Atlantic almost ALMOST has a face to face meeting w/ of these days, they might actually get it and understand that their precious hipsterness is a direct byproduct of the dreaded C word

But then, if that does happen, will we have hipster capitalists? Will the bearded wonders of Williamsburg be sporting hand-made suspenders crafted from the finest tears of Peruvian orphans and yak hair? Will they carry sustainable bamboo briefcases and artisinal wing tips?


Wait, we really are going to have artisan baristas? The Liberal Artistes are saved.


Full EMployment Act of Liberal Education...

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