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Pro tip: be careful using UPS

I ordered an unusual gift for my daughters. According to the UPS website, the package left Portugal on the evening of 6/25. It left Koeln, Germany on the evening of 6/26. It arrived in Louisville, KY on 6/27 and also in the city I live on 6/27.

The website then showed a day for scheduled delivery, but it didn't arrive. That was repeated twice more. There was no indication of failed delivery either on the website or via a note on our door or via phone call or e-mail to us. On 7/16 the website stated, "Scheduled delivery information is not available at this time. Please check back later." It had stated that for at least three days.

So on 7/17 I called UPS. I was informed the package was in Hong Kong.

The UPS supervisor characterized this as "highly unusual".

After that, other than a phone call from UPS asking me had I gotten the package--no--I've had no further contact with them about the shipment.

The shipper, without any fuss, offered to reship the package, free, via DHL. It arrived in a few days just fine.