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August 04, 2014

Pro tip: be careful using UPS

I ordered an unusual gift for my daughters. According to the UPS website, the package left Portugal on the evening of 6/25. It left Koeln, Germany on the evening of 6/26. It arrived in Louisville, KY on 6/27 and also in the city I live on 6/27.

The website then showed a day for scheduled delivery, but it didn't arrive. That was repeated twice more. There was no indication of failed delivery either on the website or via a note on our door or via phone call or e-mail to us. On 7/16 the website stated, "Scheduled delivery information is not available at this time. Please check back later." It had stated that for at least three days.

So on 7/17 I called UPS. I was informed the package was in Hong Kong.

The UPS supervisor characterized this as "highly unusual".

After that, other than a phone call from UPS asking me had I gotten the package--no--I've had no further contact with them about the shipment.

The shipper, without any fuss, offered to reship the package, free, via DHL. It arrived in a few days just fine.


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Patrick R. Sullivan

Those of us who spent years in small business know this story all too well.


Pro tip: be careful using FedEx

maybe it's not UPS.
maybe DHL, FedEx, and USPS is better, or worse, or the same.
maybe one anecdote does not make a pattern.
maybe packages get lost by every shipping company every day, and you were just unlucky this time.
maybe these are the risks you take when you order something to be delivered versus picking it up in person.
maybe you've had items shipped to you many, many times in the past and this is the exception.
maybe you shouldn't complain so much about one of the wonderful aspects of our modern economy, just because you had a little bad luck this time.

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