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August 11, 2014

"Jews voted for the very people who fiercely hate them (Democrats)"

It is a puzzle all right.

Republicans love Israel while Democrats hate Israel. I'm just LOLing at how you can vote for people who despise you while despising people who support you.

See also "Progressive Jews, Wake Up".

Progressive Democrats do not support Israel in this existential struggle, but the Republicans do. The reality is that progressive Jews are going to have to decide whether they are progressives or Jews, because the term “progressive Jew” is increasingly becoming an oxymoron.


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Eric Falkenstein

I think Jews dislike Republicans for reasons circa 1940 when there was more formal discrimination between WASPs and jews, similar to how blacks voted for Republicans for a good century after Lincoln.

When I see progressives trashing Israel, I don't see antisemitism, I see consistency. After all, if uber-mensch Mitt Romney is an evil tool, then so are the the good people of Israel.


This phenomenon has long perplexed me. To garner less than 50% of the jewish vote a LibDem presidential candidate would have to regularly give speeches in which he discusses these two of his positions:

1) I love me some Palestinians and hate those Israelis. When I'm elected I'm gonna bomb Tel Aviv and Haifa and supply lots of our cool military equipment to Hamas.

2) when I'm elected I'm gonna institute strict quotas on admissions of jews to universities, like the Ivy League used to have a hundred years ago. Your kids are gonna be going to community college! Well, unless you've made some seriously big contributions to my campaign.

I once asked a liberal Democrat Jewish co-worker why these voting patterns persisted. He answered as follows:

1) a lot of us are afraid that Republicans will introduce some version of the Nuremburg laws here, and

2) we like redistribution (he didn't put it that way, but that was the short blunt version of what he said).

The God of Abraham has been replaced by the God of Marx.


Just yesterday, I came across this video of Milton Friedman commenting on Capitalism, Socialism and Jews. The question was on the oddity that so many Jews are against capitalism even though they've benefitted from it so much and so much of the socialism literature has come from Jews.

Friedman points out that those who are odd man in a society out benefit not from the State or regulation, but from capitalism.

David Foster

I addressed this question in my post The Phobia(s) That May Destroy America:

David Foster

I addressed this question in my post The Phobia(s) That May Destroy America:

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