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August 27, 2014

"How country music went crazy: A comprehensive timeline of the genre's identity crisis"

"Are you aware that Nashville is currently embroiled in an outright civil war?"


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"The straw that broke the camel’s back arrived two weeks ago, when Zac Brown called Luke Bryan’s No. 1 single 'That's My Kind of Night' the 'worst song I’ve ever heard.'"

I agree with Zac. You can sign me on with the "Old Farts and Jackasses."

Michael Greenspan

I didn't realize the two sides were criticizing each other so prominently. But this kind of clash in country is nothing new. From almost forty years ago:


Seems like another "back in my day..." argument against change. I love Sinatra and Big Band - they aren't on the radio anymore, and for a good reason.

Joe R.

Clay, you're right. I listen to a lot of country music in my car, but it's CDs from the 50's and 60's. Why complain that they don't play the music I like on the radio anymore? If I was running a radio station, I wouldn't either (unless I was shooting for a niche market). You're operating a business, nothing else.

I occasionaly listen to Louis Prima, the Mills Brothers and the like, acts a lot older than me. You won't find them on the radio dial. I'm not upset by that, either.

Joe R.

And Mr. Greenspan, you're right as rain, too. This intercene sniping as been going on since at least the early 70's.

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