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August 05, 2014

"Things Are Going Pretty Great In Poland"

This is encouraging.

Ever since the fall of communism in 1989, the country has risen steadily, from a fledgling republic beset by near-bankruptcy, a deteriorating infrastructure and an East-West identity crisis, to emerge as one of the European Union’s (EU) most prosperous nations, alongside the U.K., France, Germany and Spain.


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Just before the Berlin Wall fell, I visited Poland many times, and again in the mid-90s. The Polish people have a true knack for entrepreneurial-ism. Prior to the collapse of Communism, it was illegal to privately trade for Western currency, but I was regularly approached by Poles attempting to do this, with little regard for the regime of it's day (or its penalties). They held that regime in true disdain, realizing it was an archaic, Gothic, Russian product. "Thanks, but no thanks" was their attitude. The Poles aspire and have achieved status on the global market through steady diligence.

Warsaw lies directly on the rail path between Berlin and Moscow. They have cultural and historical ties to the Baltic nations and Scandinavia. The Poles are well-positioned with cultural connections to the untapped opportunities of the East and the business savvy and enthusiasm of the prosperous West. If one wanted to get introduced to the East, Poland is a good place to start.


Also, they're not on the Euro!

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