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August 25, 2014

"Getting to 2017"

John Podhoretz keeps the faith. I think it would be smart to follow him.

Has the nation that produced the Greatest Generation now become the nation that produces the Lives of Julia instead?

I don’t think so. Pessimists in the late 1970s learned a lesson they might be in danger of forgetting now: It never makes sense to bet against the American ability to bounce back, to reconstitute the nation’s strength and ingenuity after a period of retrenchment and a grave failure of national confidence. We’re not Julia yet. Even eight full years of Obama won’t be enough to rewrite the American character.


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I get tired of reading about the supposed "greatest generation". This generation by pretty much any standard were failures. WWII was won by the Victorians. The "greatest generation" ran the Korean War and Vietnam Wars, two wars widely considered American failures. The "greatest generation" also saddled the country with the worst "social" programs the country has, brought about by the so called "great society". And they raised the most irresponsible, self centered generation the United States has ever had.


The Lives of Julia are the direct result of the supposed "greatest generation".

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