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August 15, 2014

"5 Legendary Performances From Woodstock That Everyone Needs To See"

If you don't find at least one of these to your liking, you're on your own--I can't help you.

More old school music: "James Brown in Eighteen Minutes".

And when it comes to James Brown, the real thing, in its most thrilling, compressed, erotic, explosive form, just eighteen minutes long, is also arguably the most electrifying performance in the history of postwar American music. 

(See also "Watch a Supercut of James Brown’s Legacy in Dance".)


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john henry

Thanks for this all but especially thanks for James Brown and the video. In his prime that mane made Michael Jackson look like an arthritic old geezer.

And, unlike Jackson, Brown's music was exciting.

To Hell with high speed rail, let's all get on the Night Train.

John Henry

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