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July 14, 2014

"Why so many kids can’t sit still in school today"

A "pediatric occupational therapist" argues that it's because kids need more exercise. (Some supporting evidence here.)

Seems reasonable. But I want to know this: can they sit still for TV? For texting and Playstation and Xbox? If so, the problem isn't lack of exercise.


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Reuben Moore

Lack of exercise, or lack of parenting?

Jack PQ

I'm always for more exercise and sports for kids, but you nailed it: clearly they can sit still for hours if they want to. I suspect what's new is that kids today know they can get away with it. For generations, kids had to stay put--or else. I'm not advocating strict discipline (I lived through it because I was in a different country where the rules were different) but neither do I approve of letting kids dictate how school should work.

On a lighter note, I think you need to train kids. A rule of thumb is 2 minutes per year of age. Our two-year old can stay put for 2 minutes, our 8-year old for 16 minutes, etc. Obviously it's not that simple but you get the idea.

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