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July 30, 2014

*This* is a bigger problem than inequality

"Employers say they can't fill jobs—and here's why".

A declining unemployment rate—now at 6.1 percent—would seem to mean that employers are packing their payrolls with workers. But many businesses say they are having a harder time filling open positions this year than last year, according to a new survey.


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You linked to an article a year to two ago that was about the changing workforce the need for even unskilled workers to develop some high tech skills. The article focused on a young single mother struggling to learn the new skills she needed. I think she worked at a modern car manufacturing plant. I think it was this article in which, when pressed for which skills they had a hard time finding, one of the responses was finding someone who could pass a drug test. Do you know which article I'm talking about?


Hard to take any survey seriously - way too easy to misrepresent.
Hard to find skilled labor, or hard to find skilled labor as a contingent workforce with no benefits at a 75% fair pay rate?
6.1% unemployment? Not sure I believe that either.

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