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July 28, 2014

"The First Single-Payer Domino"

Conservatives need to watch this: "If the health-care experiment fails in Vermont, it would send shock waves nationwide."


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Patrick R. Sullivan

This is also part of the explanation for why the subsidies created under Obamacare, for the low income people, were restricted to state exchanges, and not mentioned in the section of the PPACA creating the federal exchange backstops.

None other than MIT economist/comic book author Jonathan Gruber let's the cat out of the bag on page 131 of his 'Health Care Reform';

'If states want to innovate by offering their own public option as part of their exchanges, they are welcome to do so...'

It's a feature not a bug.

Jack PQ

I think it is great that states individually try different experiments, both those favored by the left and by the right. The USA has 50 labs in which to experiment. Let states try different things and let people vote with their feet. Already we see how e.g. people are leaving Illinois and California for Texas, etc.

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