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July 28, 2014

"Shalom, motherf****r"

Very well put.

But I will not apologise for surviving.

For surviving missiles intended to kill me. The fact they didn’t kill me doesn’t mean they weren’t sent with the intention to murder. We have a defence system, shelters, evacuation procedures and governments who take care of us – I will not apologise for living and surviving thanks to being prepared because we have a culture that celebrates our lives and cherishes them instead of sending 10-year old children to be fighters and bombers. I will not apologise for having a business, a home, a family and friends here who want normal lives and to live in peace with our neighbors. I will not apologise for existing and I want nothing more than to co-exist quietly with neighbors who accept me here.



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Jack PQ

At the risk of attracting trolls, I will just add: Every people (i.e.,ethnic group) has the right to survive. And a people cannot be blamed for taking the means to ensure its survival. Only one side in this battle has been faced with extermination since 1947 by its neighbors (and obviously going back earlier, in different places).

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