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July 02, 2014

"Right-wing food companies"

Thanks, Salon. I'll patronize these businesses more now. 


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Clint Ward

Calling it "awful house" should alone disqualify him. But I wonder if liberal super PACs are just as big and scary.

It's funny that you don't see publications on the right putting out lists of restaurants that support gay right or abortion. I we just don't have the hate.


@Clint - actually there have been lists like this from the "right". Perhaps not as prominent, but they've existed in group form, particularly religious in nature.

Shaming is silly from both sides - otoh, it provides a splendid opportunity to do a buycott...


I order stuff from Blain's Farm and Fleet out of the Midwest. They quite openly list the manufacturer of some other products such as shackles and such as Koch Industries. I don't order those items unless I have a need, but when I do order them, I get a little psychic kick from it.

Of course, the DemProgs don't keep up with the brands owned by Koch Industries so they buy lots of stuff from them all the time, like all that Lycra.


I knew about Chik-fil-A and Dominoes Pizza but didn't know about the others. I wish Chik-fil-A would open restaurants where I live. I could eat great chicken sandwiches and feel good about contributing in a very small way to the anti-leftist campaign. Makes me pleased that I had dinner at White Castle Monday night.

For the left, the personal is the political. This tactic of boycotting any company who opposes their views has become their favorite in recent years.

Some of their material is just so over-the-top that it's laughable. "Big Waffle" for Waffle House. They pioneered this rhetorical devise with "Big Tobacco", then used it on "Big Pharma". When they are successful with a technique they will use it forever, even when it makes no sense to anyone except their fellow travelers.

Ted Craig

I learned recently that even those on the left think Salon is ridiculous.

john henry

My wife and I recently spent a week in western NC. Even though I was on expenses and could have eaten wherever, once I introduced my wife to Waffle House she couldn't get enough of it.

For those who have never been to WNC, it is drop dead gorgeous. It was my first time and I hope I can go back again.

We ate there 8 times in 6 days. Even I admit that this is a bit excessive.

OTOH, I can think of few finer meals than a double order of hashbrowns, smothered, covered, scattered and whatever topped with 4 eggs over easy.

I also like Carls Jr and Dominos though I don't get to eat at either often. I keep meaning to try CFA but have not been traveling where they are of late.

I am surprised that In and Out Burger, with Bible verses on cups, wrappers and everything else didn't offend the writer.

John Henry

john henry

Re: Chic-Fil-A:

If that whole megillah was not a publicity stunt, it should have been.

In 2013 CFA moved into the top 10 fast food restaurants, passing KFC. Even though they have half the stores and are only open 6 days a week.

John Henry

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