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July 30, 2014

"How A Former Denny's Waitress Amassed An Empire Of Over 75 Denny's Locations"

The American Dream lives for at least this one lady.


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She is impressive. I loved this comment:

"The way the younger generation views life and the way they work is very different than when I was in their age group. We have to recruit new employees all the time."

I can imagine that. I've been shocked at the quality of lots of young restaurant workers. I remember two of us trying to explain to our waitress that she had given us far too much change. It involved only simple math, of the addition and subtraction sort. We spent some time and she obviously didn't understand. We gave up and just left her a tip big enough to cover our usual tip plus the amount she had undercharged us. That way she wouldn't have to take a loss.

But far more troubling was a teenager cooking burgers at a fast food restaurant. He had in front of him a stack of cheese slices to put on the burgers. I was stunned to see him lick his finger to wet it so that he could more easily detach each cheese slice from the stack, in the manner that some people used to turn the pages of a book. I didn't want to consume even a little bit of this guy's saliva. I never went back there again.

I'm very glad that I don't own a business that requires me to hire a bunch of young people.

On a much more pleasant note, that Denny's owner is very attractive. I'm pretty sure that's what nearly all guys are thinking, but few would volunteer it.

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