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July 22, 2014

"Flaccid American Universities"

Imprecisely titled--the author means not the universities per se, but the students--but still interesting. And sad because the students in question attend my alma mater.

(And, come to think of it, "flaccid" is also a poor choice. Better would be a reference to Edward James Olmos in Stand and Deliver: "It's not that they're stupid, it's just they don't know anything.")


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William Sjostrom

And don't care to know anything if it isn't on the test. And then to be forgotten five minutes later.


If this is truly indicative of the state of fairly elite American college students, I weep for the future of the country.

I was amused by an interview video where voters were asked by the interviewer whether a particular candidate's position on xyz was the reason the interviewee supported that candidate (but the position the interviewer attributed to the candidate was diametrically opposed to the candidate's real position). The interviewee jumped on the question, answering yes, obviously relieved to be thrown a lifeline because he didn't know one thing about the candidate's positions. But I figured these people were typical low-information voters. It's depressing that these GW students aren't much better informed.


No, not "flaccid". Pathetic.


Probably plenty of biases in that article, but I'm not familiar enough with the terminology so I won't attempt to name them. No need to act like this is just a youth problem. When the potential VP was asked what newspapers she reads she responded with "All of them".

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