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July 21, 2014

"Confession of an Ivy League teaching assistant: Here’s why I inflated grades"

"I just didn’t want to deal with all the complaining." I can definitely relate, but it is what you're getting paid for.

See also "Give Me a Better Grade--I Deserve It." I got one of these last year. A student objected to my suggesting she write more concisely. "That's not how I was taught to write," she said. "I should just get a higher grade."

It was one more indication it was time for me to retire. 


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William Sjostrom

No, in the academic racket, you aren't paid to deal with the complaints. You are paid to get research grants, get published, and ensure that students are happy enough that they don't complain to administrators.


I had a prof from another dept call and try to strong-arm me into giving his precious snowflake son a B instead of the F he so richly deserved by not turning in over half the work and practically never attending the class. The F also was in a class required for the major. Getting it would "severely damage his GPA and his future career."

The F stood.

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