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July 29, 2014

"Closing Comments"

K. C. Johnson winds up the "Durham-In-Wonderland" blog.

He bravely accomplished, very well, what he set out to do, so now he's moving on.  (If only some government agencies--hello, TVA!--did the same.)


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K.C. Johnson and Stuart Taylor, Jr. deserve great credit for helping to put a stop to this disgusting travesty of justice. The North Carolina Attorney General deserves credit for punishing the District Attorney, Michael Nifong, for his extraordinary violation of state law and ethics rules in his attempt to get enough black voters fired up to re-elect him. I think Nifong should have been hammered much harder than he was. This kind of abuse of prosecutorial power should be one of the most severely punished crimes we have.

But neither Duke University nor any of the professors or administrators involved in this affair have suffered any ill effects from their repulsive behavior. There is probably nothing anyone could do to obtain any justice from these people.

It's an interesting lesson for our times. These Duke professors and administrators helped to get these students charged for a crime that did not occur, a crime that could easily have put them behind bars for many years, and they suffer no ill effects whatsoever. Yet Donald Sterling is recorded having a private conversation asking his mistress not to go to Clippers games in the company of black guys and he loses his team because of it. Double standard?

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