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June 30, 2014

"The Story Of Detroit, In Three Observations"

Sad, unfortunately, keeps getting sadder.

Strange how when governments fail utterly at their claimed core function of preventing violence, they so often can be found muscling into entirely new areas of coercion at the same time.


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Mike Smitka

Well, if you don't have money to hire more police, and all sorts of mandates that lie outside of city government expect police to spend substantial time on paperwork, what alternative do you have but to ask gas stations to themselves take more steps to protect customers? Suggesting they install video cameras hardly sounds like Leviathan in action. And since the city has no money (you've heard about Chapter 9?) they also have no way to enforce such "burdensome" ordinances. Surely that suggests that if gas stations install cameras, it will be because they would do so anyway – not because of the heavy hand of government. To reiterate: it's because there is no government, not that there's too much, that the issue arises.

Eric Falkenstein

Coleman young got elected by portraying the police as racist and immediately lowered the number of arrests, etc.

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