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June 01, 2014

"The Final Tally On The Robert Griffin III Trade Is In, And It's A Disaster For Washington"

It's still too early, but if RGIII has a couple more years like last year, this argument will seem right


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Jack PQ

I agree with you. They made the playoffs the first year, didn't they? That's a pretty good start.

Jack PQ

Another issue: to say that they got 8 players in exchange for RGIII is not quite right. They have to pay all those players, don't they? So the question is, does the total player value above their salaries exceed RGIII's player value above salary? And how many of the players will still be with the team in a year or two?

Too soon to tell.


I agree, still too early to evaluate. If RG III takes them to the super bowl in the next few years, and the Rams don't make the playoffs during that span things look good for Washington. Franchise QBs are very hard to come by.

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