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June 16, 2014

"School Lunch Revolution: How the Free Market Is Tackling Bad Cafeteria Food"

I score it free market, 1; government-funded-and-operated cafeterias, 0.

As Washington spins itself in circles trying to make school lunch programs healthier, here's a hint at how the free market could come to bear. The investment fund Revolution Growth, run by AOL co-founder Steve Case, just announced that it's putting $30 million into Revolution Foods, a company founded eight years ago by two mothers devoted to improving cafeteria food at their childrens' school.

Co-founder and CEO Kristin Groos tells TechCrunch that she and partner Kirsten Saenz Tobey saw that "there was a large scale business opportunity to address the intersection of healthy, affordable, kid-designed, and loved meals."


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Ah, but the game ain't over until they pull the Regulation off the bench and let him run riot across the field.

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