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"Maybe we don't all need annual physicals"

I find this article rather remarkable. When I was a kid barely a day went by without a public-service announcement on TV exhorting people to know the seven warning signs of cancer and urging people who thought they had one to see a doctor ASAP. "Early detection" was absolutely vital, they said.

Now we have Dr. Michael Rothberg, director of the Cleveland Clinic Medicine Institute Center for Value-Based Care Research quoted as throwing virtually all such early detection in the trash: "You're very unlikely to have any serious diseases that haven't shown symptoms." And, of course, we've recently been advised that mammograms and PSA tests should probably be avoided.

If I were a cynic--perish the thought!--I'd suspect these recent developments might be related to 1) government now funds a significant percentage of American health care, and 2) government is broke.