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June 11, 2014

Hillary Clinton, woman of the people

From Charles C. W. Cooke, "Hillary Clinton’s Entitlement Problem":

Leaving aside for a brief moment how utterly farcical it is to use “struggle” and “houses” in the same sentence, the notion that the Clintons were presented in their post-presidency with anything other than a license to print money is unyielding in its abject hilarity. By 2001, Bill Clinton had made $200,000 per annum for eight years while paying nothing toward his housing or upkeep, and, in addition to the extraordinarily lucrative speaking gigs that American ex-presidents are now to expect, he had a lifetime of pensions and benefits to look forward to. (David Graham points out that, in the last 14 years, he has received nearly $16 million from the government.) By the end of the year in which he left office, the couple had made $16 million and enjoyed between $5 and $30 million in assets. By 2004, they had $50 million to their names. And by 2014, Clinton had become the highest-earning former president in America’s history, with net assets of nearly $200 million.


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Shouldn't Hillary! be "checking her privilege"?


This is a fantastic article - the introductory paragraphs superbly summarize her enthusiastic lack of appeal

Joe R.

I recommend Hitchens' "No One Left to Lie To", his magnificent take on Hilary!, and her adult lifetime of mendacity, corruption and just plain evil-doing.

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