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June 09, 2014

"Get Ready For the Subprime Mortgage Crack-Up 2.0"

Guess what? "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." 

And--if you're a Liberal--even if you do remember it. 


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john henry

I do wish you (and others) would quit using the word liberal in this sense. It is a fine word that has been hijacked to mean the opposite its historical and etymological meaning. (Hayek, more or less. See also Friedman et al)

Having read you for a number of years now, I have the impression that you are a liberal, as I am. We believe that govt should leave us alone.

How about calling them progressives? Or even neo-liberals? We need to work on taking back the name and wearing it proudly.

I am a free man, a liberal.

John Henry

Patrick R. Sullivan

Time for another plug of Calomiris and Haber's 'Fragile By Design'. It has the best blow-by-blow description of the collaboration between the big banks and the 'housing activists', of which I'm aware.

Warning; if you're a housing cause denialist, you'll hate the book.

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