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June 23, 2014

"Focus on science, tech pays off in soaring graduation rate"

Unsurprising--unless you're one of the militant humanities professors we hear more from these days: you show kids what they're learning in school is useful and makes them directly more employable, and guess what? They do better. In the case of this one Washington State high school, apparently, much better


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One of my favorite comments from a grad student in Pub Admin was that I "never failed to show a good practical application of even the most theoretical concept." I have plenty of students who have gained jobs or moved up due to being able to apply something they got from a class.

One even earned a promotion shortly after she probably 'saved' her dept from a very expensive lawsuit by using something she learned in an Admin Law course, something my training really only allowed me to try to show them how to know enough law to keep themselves out of trouble. She took the time to relay the situation and story to me post facto. She did good and I was proud of her.

I think practical applications work best for most students.

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