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June 02, 2014

"Famous economists' most biting put-downs"

"Seems like the lion's share of these are from Heckman, Cochrane, Stigler, Friedman, Lucas . . . anyone else notice a pattern here?"

Cochrane's smiting of some of the humanities faculty at Chicago is truly wonderful. Oh please, please do explain to me again how the humanities teach people how to write and think. 


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Patrick R. Sullivan

Thomas Piketty is currently the recipient of some pretty devastating put downs. He's beginning to resemble Peyton Manning in the SuperBowl.

William Sjostrom

I do not know if Stigler actually made the comment about having much to be humble about, but his telling a student he got an F because there was no lower grade is much better. The list also leaves out Robert Lucas's famous put down of Larry Summers back in the early '90s. Lucas remarked that John Taylor was advising the government of the United States, and Larry Summers was advising the government of Lithuania, and that was about the right division of labor.

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