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June 30, 2014

"Awesome new TV ad attacks free-spending Dem senator"

Lord know what the fabled "swing voters" respond to. 

But if this isn't it, we should give up



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Terrific commercial. It hits on a huge problem the younger generation will be facing. I don't expect many of them to be swayed though. When I watch interviews with a lot of these people little rational thought appears behind their political convictions. Their political allegiance seems mostly to follow some fashion. And fiscal restraint isn't part of that fashion.

I would say, "screw 'em" they get the government they deserve." But I hate for my kids to get screwed along with the lame-brains of their generation.

Glenn Reynolds has a great idea: for libertarians and conservatives to buy entertainment media orgs and inject our themes into them, which is what the left has been doing for decades.

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