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June 24, 2014

"All the Bubbles! Polar Seltzer's Rebranding"

I found this interesting for two reasons. One, it's a story of a company apparently successfully repositioning its product.

And two, I'm an enthusiastic user of said product. Zero calories, zero sodium, excellent taste. The blackberry flavor and the lemonade flavor both have antioxidants and green tea extract added, and the lemonade has some caffieine, too. They're sweetened with sucralose, which used to disagree with me, but apparently I've built up a tolerance to it and it's fine, now. 


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I love Polar Seltzer; it provides a nice fizz. And I can buy a bottle of it for a buck.

I had never tried it until after I began travelling to the countries of the former Soviet Union and enjoyed drinking the mineral water with gas. Morshynska when I'm in Ukraine and Bon Aqua when I'm in Belarus. Seltzer isn't quite as good, but it's close enough.

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