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June 06, 2014

All of a sudden, plagiarism in pop music is hot

"Stairway to Heaven: The Song Remains Pretty Similar" and "Listen To These Clips And Decide If 'Stairway To Heaven' Is A Ripoff Of An Obscure Song From The 60s".

"Elvis wasn’t the first to steal black music: 10 white artists who 'borrowed' from R&B before The King".

And this last one reminds me of Picasso's "Good artists copy but great artists steal": "Bob Dylan’s ‘Da Vinci Code’ Revealed".

Researchers say they’ve uncovered more than 1,000 items lifted from other authors in Dylan’s ‘Chronicles.’ And that’s just the beginning.


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Certainly are close...but I did sit and listen to all of "Stairway"....

Michael Greenspan

The Dylan article strengthens my impression that he's rock's Shakespeare, not in quality but in how critics treat him. My Shakespeare professors talked about him (Shakespeare) as though everything he wrote was perfect; there were no flaws, only "problems" (i.e. defects in our understanding). Will evidence of Dylan's (clever, industrious, eclectic) thievery damage critics' respect for him? Apparently not. Could anything? Regretfully, I doubt it.

Michael Greenspan

About "Stairway," I don't know. The songs use similar though not identical variations on a chord progression dating back at least to "My Funny Valentine" (1937). I'd give Zeppelin a pass.


“Taurus” isn’t all that obscure. I owned the first two Spirit albums.

From “Cracked” to “Bloomberg” to court. Comedians rule the world.

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