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June 21, 2014

"24 Reasons You’re Still Watching “Seinfeld”"

Yes, every once in a while, I still do. It's so much better than most of what's on TV these days.


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I think Jerry's parents deserved a mention; they were great characters.

To me, "Seinfeld" went through three stages.

In the first few shows, the characters hadn't found themselves. Kramer was just a doofus and would later acquire the high hair and the zany attitude that went with it. Jerry's father was played by Phil Bruns, a mild little fellow with a comb-over. The role improved enormously when Barney Martin took over (inventor of the beltless trenchcoat).

In the middle phase, all the characters found themselves and were in their prime, and the writing for these episodes was the best (the pony remark, the stolen statue, the busboy, etc.).

In the final episodes, the writing went to pot, with increasingly silly plots ("serenity now," Kramer with the Merv Griffin set in his apartment, the car dealer with George and the Twix bars dispute). And in fact the writers changed. Larry David wrote most of the middle-phase scripts, but a bunch of different writers came in for the last season or two.

Socal bill

I liked them all. David you analyze way too much. Kramer with the Merv Griffin set was hilarious.


> I liked them all. David you analyze way too much.

'Discrimination' isn't a four-letter word.

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