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June 04, 2014

"14 Times You Were Punished For Your End-Of-The-Alphabet Name"

I used to fight the terrible discrimination against people having end-of-the-alphabet names by handing back the second midterm exam in reverse alphabetical order.

My students were surprised and mostly pleased. (The "A" and "B" people hurrumphed.)


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Joe R.

At lunch in my 1960's Catholic grade school, each grade went separately. After getting called in from recess, they lined up the girls and let them go first. Then the boys went through.

None of this alphabetical stuff. With no supervision in sight, it was law of the jungle for your place in line, and you learned quickly that if you weren't willing to fight, you'd get shoved to the end every day.

I guess today they'd call it bullying.


With a last name beginning with "M", this doesn't affect me. Unless you start doing a circular shift of the alphabet on a daily basis, then you're doing something very little about this discrimination.

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