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May 05, 2014

What's up with the kids

"In 16 Years Of Teaching, Nothing Has Disrupted My Classroom More Than Snapchat's New Update".

I'm not real confident that these folks will be able to pay for my Social Security.


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Reuben Moore

Is it common for teachers to be so tolerant of smartphone use in the classroom?


I just made this comment over at Instapundit. I think it is on point here. With so many distractions, it has become difficult to get students to think over what the school exposes them to. As such, the conversion of students to curious, well-read individuals has dropped off precipitously. The university was described as a hot house in developing students faster than in the workaday world, but the university is no longer a place where thinking is concentrated.


"Thinking leads man to knowledge. He may see and hear, and read and learn whatever he pleases, and as much as he pleases; he will never know anything of it, except that which he has thought over, that which by thinking he has made the property of his own mind. Is it then saying too much if I say that man, by thinking only, becomes truly man? Take away thought from man's life, and what remains?"
- Johann Pestalozzi

The university used to be a place where individuals were put into a situation where they were artificially spurred to think due to isolation and introduction of common topic among peers. As amenities and connectivity at the university have increased, so has thought/discussion on weighty topics declined. The old method of using the university to induce the dilettante student to become curious and well-read is failing. Or at least has a very much lower success rate.

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