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May 07, 2014

More related to Piketty's book (if you need more)

Kyle Smith: "Six Ways Thomas Piketty's 'Capital' Isn't Holding Up to Scrutiny".

Guy Sorman, "The Liberals’ New Hero: Why Thomas Piketty’s wrongheaded economic manifesto is all the rage".

Arnold Kling, "Brad DeLong is Uncharitable to Piketty’s Critics".

Andrew Lilico, "Inequality isn't a problem: it's a driver of progress".

Tyler Cowen, "The wisdom of Scott Sumner".

Stefan Homburg, "Critical Remarks on Piketty’s ‘Capital in the Twenty-first Century’" (via Tyler Cowen).

Finally, for fun: "The nine stages of the Piketty bubble".


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eric falkenstein

The idea there is a law of motion for society, proved via an authority, is very convenient for many. Nothing is so convincing as an anticipated confirmation.


I wonder if anyone realizes that the orgasms that the Left has had over this book will cause private investment to be lower over the next few years than it might otherwise have been. Especially if Hillary or Elizabeth Warren look like they have a chance to be president. See e.g. net investment turning negative for the first time during the Depression in 1936 [per Amity Shlaes].

Given all the reasons to be uncertain about the possible risks to investment in today's environment, the Piketty excitement from the Left doesn't help.


Piketty is like the second coming of Keynes.

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